Please bear with us, as we update our Case Studies. Dealing with Japanese Knotweed is not an overnight project. Given the potentially invasive nature of this weed, we need time to treat the area to ensure that we have eradicated the problem and so additional case studies will be added when treatments are successfully completed.

Cinema Complex

We were approached by a cinema complex, which stands alone on vast grounds. They had an area to the rear of a wooded area that is adjacent to a residential estate. There was an area of 100m x 50m that was totally infested with mature Japanese Knotweed and lots of Bonsai growth. We suspect it had been originally spread through fly tipping. This had been previously treated by another company which had resulted in Bonsai growth (Japanese Knotweed that appears in a smaller form due to being treated at the wrong time of year). The next infestation was located on the boundary of the cinema and a bingo complex; this again was in Bonsai form, so will be harder to treat. We have initially started a 2 year treatment plan, to be reviewed at the end of the 2 years with ourselves and the parties involved.

Housing Association

We are working with a housing association on a site located in Salford where Japanese Knotweed is growing up in between other established trees/bushes. The stem injection method was used in this instance to preserve the existing shrubbery and hawthorn trees. We were awarded a 5 year treatment plan for this project.

Property Management Company

We are also working with a Residential Property Management company, who are going to use us across their whole portfolio. We have already surveyed 3 of their properties and have 5 year plans in place. These are just areas of small infestations that have appeared and their gardeners have noticed them. Stem injection has been used as they have existing plants that we don’t want to damage.

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