Residential Development

We were appointed by a property developer that had bought a house riddled with Japanese Knotweed at auction and needed the problem sorting out ASAP. Once contacted we did the initial survey the following day where we found a small semi-detached house with a heavily infested back yard. Neighbouring properties were also assessed and Knotweed was present on houses to the left and the right due to a major infestation on land located behind the properties. The owner of the land at the back cannot be traced, so they have decided to put together and get the whole problem treated all at once, as there is little point in treating your infestation if it is likely to reoccur due to a major problem located nearby.

We were instructed to carry out a 5 year management plan on the properties. As Japanese Knotweed was protruding from under the path next to the brickwork, we decided that stem injection was the most viable option for fast results near the building, combined with foliar herbicide application on the remainder of the infestation.

In the first year there has been a 50% reduction in the Japanese Knotweed treated by herbicide and no regrowth present from the stem injection method. We continue to treat and monitor the site.

Commercial Excavation

We were approached by a client looking to develop houses in the Liverpool area on some brownfield land that had 3 infestations located on the site.

We met with the client, did a full site assessment and provided him with a detailed plan of proposed works.

Located on the site was an area that could be left undisturbed for some time. Finding out this information was pivotal to the approach we took as we could then use a ‘stockpile’ method to move the excavated Japanese Knotweed to another location out of the way for further treatment. This area was fenced off to remain undisturbed and a 5-year treatment plan is now underway. This is a much more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of dealing with excavating Japanese Knotweed rather than having to transport waste to a licensed landfill site.

Residential Property

The sale of a house in the Manchester area with Japanese Knotweed in the garden located 30m from any brickwork, was brought to a halt. We were contacted by the owner to provide a report and potential management plan for works to eradicate the Japanese Knotweed infestation. With our report and management plan the house sale went ahead and the management plan has now been transferred into the name of the new owner!

School Grounds

A headteacher contacted us who had nearby residents that were concerned about a Japanese Knotweed infestation in the corner of the school grounds. Without realising that treatment should only be performed by a specialist, the grounds keeper had attempted to sort out the problem with herbicide. This had led to the Japanese Knotweed reacting by changing its appearance to Bonsai growth. We quickly agreed a five-year management plan, which is underway. This included us contacting the management company acting on behalf of the residents and offering reassurance to them as well.


“I was extremely worried when my new neighbours suggested that I might have Japanese Knotweed in my garden. S4JK came around the very next day and were very reassuring with their extensive knowledge. I have taken out a five-year management plan knowing that the issue will be resolved.” -- Trevor Hulse, Middleton.

“S4JK were fast and responsive as my house sale was in danger of falling through. They confirmed that the plant had been misidentified by the surveyor and sent me a report to give my solicitors later that day. The sale went through as planned.” -- Stephen Clarke, Withington

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