Report Writing

Are you trying to get a mortgage or even remortgaging your own property but having problems due to ‘Japanese Knotweed’ being present? We can offer expert report writing services to either confirm that Japanese Knotweed is present or that there has been a misidentification and Japanese Knotweed is not present on your property.

Have you had a survey done by a professional and need to know whether or not Japanese Knotweed is present?

We operate on a rapid response system, usually being able to get out to properties either the same day or the very next.

Here we will lay out a few examples of a past case we have worked on:

Case study #1

Our client owned a commercial building next to a residential development site. The development site’s surveyor had recently carried out a survey and flagged up a plant thought to be Japanese Knotweed and was halting the building process. We provided free identification by photograph but our client required a full site survey and report for his own benefit and the benefit of the development site. It allowed peace of mind for our client and allowed work to be carried out without unnecessary delay/expenditure for both parties.

Case study #2

Our client was looking to remortgage his shop to release some equity in the property. A surveyor had been round and identified a plant which was thought to be Japanese Knotweed. We arranged a site visit the same day to carry out a survey and found the plant to be Cornus. A full report was sent to the client so he could pass it on to his lender and a successful remortgage was completed!

If Japanese Knotweed is present we can offer a full 5 year management plan with a 10 year guarantee and also an optional Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) that will satisfy most lenders and get your purchase/sale back on track!

'Suspected Knotweed'

Our expert identification reports will also be able to settle any ‘suspected Knotweed’ queries and be able to identify whether the plant in question is actually Japanese Knotweed or one of it’s many lookalikes! We’ve found this to occur when a building surveyor has halted a sale/purchase with ‘suspected Knotweed’ and things can’t move forward until it has been surveyed and reported on by one of our CSJK expert surveyors to confirm ‘No Japanese Knotweed was found’. We have helped many household sales and re-mortgages go through with this service. Our reports of this kind typically start at £150 for a residential house. With this you will gain a full report that will stand against most lenders.

All our reports contain all the necessary details and carried out by PCA qualified CSJK (Certified Surveyor of Japanese Knotweed) surveyors. We endeavour to get the survey carried out the following day with the report the same day as the site visit is carried out as we realise time is of the essence.

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